Greetings from the CEO

To Jewelry Enthusiasts
All Around the World:

Gemstones are the oldest treasures the earth has given to mankind, and they continue to captivate thanks to their allure and rarity. I aspire to share the appeal of gemstones and jewelry with as many people as I can. Further, I would love people to be happy wearing our jewelry. That’s why we offer jewelry with top quality gemstones and outstanding finishing at reasonable prices. Our main product concept is top-class jewelry that anyone can afford.
To make this possible, our business model features direct procurement from production centers, factories that efficiently produce high-quality jewelry and mail-order sales via TV. This reduces inventory risk and selling, general and administrative (SG&A) costs. Because we can sell rare, high-quality jewelry at low prices and expand our distribution, we believe that the asset value of our jewelry will increase in the future.When this happens, more people will be able to buy and enjoy jewelry.
At GSTV, we are working with the goal of creating more gem and jewelry enthusiasts around the world.

Toru Imahashi, CEO