GSTV Jewelry Specialty Channel

Tune into the GSTV Jewelry Specialty Channel to learn from hosts and guests who are well experienced with Jewelry. Learn about the value of jewelry and their attractive qualities from some of the world's top-class buyers in the industry. Programming on our channel is constantly expanding.Click here for more information

About GSTV

Learn about our distribution model and what makes GSTV a forerunner in today's industry.
Click here to find out about the various routes we utilize all over the world to purchase, design, create and sell high-quality jewelry.

Top Quality Craftsmanship

Learn about our technical and creative prowess used to create jewelry enjoyed by enthusiasts all over the world.

Visit Our Showrooms

Visit our showrooms to see products shown on the GSTV Jewelry Channel and try them on. Starting from our Tennozu showroom, we currently operate six showrooms and will continue to open more throughout Japan.

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