Personal Information Protection Policy

Principles of Personal Information Protection

At GSTV, we procure high-quality gemstones and precious metals directly from the source, design and sell jewelry at an affordable price to share the joys of aesthetics with enthusiasts all over. To do this effectively, we treat our customer and trading partner’s personal information with the most utmost privacy. We manage and maintain security safeguards so that our partners can focus solely on enjoying the vast selection offered at GSTV.


Principles of Protection

  1. We comply with all laws set by parliament regarding the procurement and usage of personal information.
  2. We respect the rights of our customers to privacy and take all necessary precautionary measures to ensure personal information is protected.
  3. We employ personal information specialists at GSTV to ensure that safety protocols are followed and maintained within the company.
  4. We comply with all policies and standards set by parliament in regard to usage of personal information.
  5. In the event that personal information has been leaked, lost, damaged, or accessed without authorization, we have set safety measures to take appropriate actions and prevent further loss.
  6. We deal with questions and complaints in an honest and earnest manner. Please contact us using the information written below if you have any concerns.
  7. In regard to personal information protection maintenance and improvement, we continually update and improve our management system as necessary.


Reception Hours: 8 a.m. – 11 p.m.

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Koto-ku, Tokyo
Email address for inquiries related to personal information:


5/9/2013 (Created)
9/18/2013 (Revised)
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1/1/2015 (Revised)

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