Notification of Personal Information Leak

We have received notice that information that should not be visible on our website was temporarily visible. Upon further inspection, we were able to confirm that the names of three people who had registered on our website were visible.
We were able to immediately correct the problem and have personally contacted the individuals to explain and formally apologize about this occurrence.
We sincerely apologize to all involved and for any worries this may have caused.

We have taken precautions to strengthen the way information is handled, adding safeguards to prevent this occurrence from happening in the future. We will do our best to restore and maintain the trust of our customers moving forward.

1. Number of People Effected: 3
2. Period of Visibility: 1/23/2016 (6 a.m. – 8 a.m.) and 1/25-26 (10 a.m.)
3. Type of Information: Name only
※Purchase history nor any other information that could be used to identify the individuals was not leaked.

GSTV Corporation