Company History

1975CEO Toru Imahashi started a private venture in Shibuya, Tokyo importing synthetic stones and semi-precious stones for wholesale
1980Began operations providing precious stones from Sri Lanka and Thailand to Columbia
1985Began importation of jewelry from Hong Kong
1986Opened the Kofu Studio in Yamanashi Prefecture and established our Creative Jewelry and 18K Company factories in Hong Kong
1987Invited master craftsmen from Hong Kong to create customized handmade jewelry
1988Established IMACBC Corporation (with a contributed capital of 3 million yen)
1990Increased contributed capital to 10 million yen
2005Established IMACBC (Thailand) in Bangkok, Thailand
2005Opened IMACBC Casting Studio in the Shinjuku ward
2006Established IMAC BC (HK) in Hong Kong
2006Established Imahashi jewelry Ltd., a subsidiary of IMACBC (HK) in Guangdong, China
2008Established IMACBC Diamond Exports Private Limited in Mumbai, India
2008Increased contributed capital to 30 million yen
2013Merged with Gems London Co. which operated the TV mail-order program, GSTV
2015Changed corporation name to GSTV and moved headquarters to Koto ward, Ariake